Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Another New Beginning

Another New Year has begun and a season of new beginnings/resolutions has come with it.  What is it about the New Year that brings new commitments, resolutions and goals? And how come no matter how much passion, commitment and resolve we have to make this be the year our resolutions stick, they don't?  And how come by the end of February our resolutions will only be a distant memory if not completely forgotten? 

We like the idea of new beginnings and resolutions because to some degree we are all deeply dissatisfied with who we are and how we live our lives. We are not dissatisfied with who God made us to be, but rather with our perception that we are constantly falling short of our God given potential.

Why don’t they stick? Many reasons – we are addicted, our will power is not as strong as we want to believe, we naturally revert to selfishness, we don’t like change… but what is at the bottom of all those? We don’t have a clear vision of what the future could look like.  The vision we have is not strong enough to motivate the change to take place.  A vision that is strong enough can only come from God.  This year spend time asking God what he wants you to change.  Ask God to give you a picture of what your future can look like. Write it down. Pray it. And constantly remind yourself of that picture. Allow yourself to celebrate the small steps along the way and dream of the big steps yet to come. With that being said here our some of the ways God is challenging us to grow this year!

For Paul
1.    To begin to boldly, passionately and unapologetically follow through on the steps I believe God has given me to reach the community of Davis. 
2.    To practice the Daily Office. The Daily Office is setting aside 3 intentional times a day to spend in the Bible and Prayer. This may be 5 minutes, ½ an hour or more.
3.    To read a book a month.

For Caitlin
I (Caitlin) am sad to say that my resolution will be very challenging for me.  It is something Paul is naturally very good at and I admire him for it.  I resolve to so sincerely want THE BEST (not just good) for people that I am willing to help them achieve success in whatever way that I can.  I will not let jealousy get in the way.  It’s such a freeing resolution I know it must be from God.  I know God does that for me and I really believe helping others thrive and succeed is a great way to point them to Jesus.  

What are your resolutions?!


  1. PAY IT FORWARD - this is the thought that God has continued to roll through my heart and mind over the last couple days. I want to learn to Pay it Forward in 2013 -- in every aspect. I want to pay forward love, and patience, and kindness, and goodness, and humility, and joyfulness, and peacefulness...and to all people, deserved or not. For I am reminded that when I am none of these things (which is often), God faithfully and continually pours these unceasingly over me...not because I earned such payment, or deserve such payment, but because Christ paid my debt in every one of these areas (plus more) in full. My life has been made rich through no act of my own, and I want to pay it all forward.