Saturday, October 20, 2012

Date Night

Every other Saturday we have much anticipated "date night."  Paul is amazing (clearly Caitlin wrote this sentence and Paul is usually the one forgetting) and usually plans something totally creative and fun and then Caitlin ruins it.  Tonight we went to our favorite restaurant Dos Coyotes, and then to Origins Coffee and Tea.  All the proceeds Origin's makes go towards ending human trafficking.  And the employees all work for free!  We highly recommend it.

Why do date night?

Caitlin - It means a lot to me that we still date :).  I love looking forward to something fun through our busy weeks.  I love that we are best friends and with out date night I think it would be easy to slowly grow apart.  Date night makes me feel loved and incredibly grateful to God for Paul.

Paul - So many people grow apart from the "love of their life". Why? I believe it is because we forget why we married them in the first place.  During our busy lives we live shoulder to shoulder, forgetting the fun we had in the beginning.  Date Night brings us back face to face.  When I see Caitlin face to face my heart melts.  She is definitely the most beautiful woman in the room where ever we go. Her eyes twinkle at me as she grins from ear to ear.  We get to have meaningful conversation that is life giving to both of us.  And most importantly I see the amazing, beautiful woman who God blessed me with as my wife!!!

Paul and Cait

P.S.  If you have young kids we would love to babysit for you while the two of you go on a date!

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